Sandwich Programming Language

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Sandwich Programming Language Quick Reference     

See Kitchen Get stuff Put it together Put stuff away

Close cabinet. Get jelly from pantry. Open drawer. Put jelly back.
Close drawer. Get knife from drawer. Open jam. Put loaf back.
Close jam. Get PB from pantry. Open jelly. Put PB back.
Close loaf. Get piece of bread. Open other cabinet. Repeat num ... Next
Close peanut butter. Get plate from cupboard. Open pantry cabinet. Spread jam on bread.
Do subroutine If T/F then Open peanut butter. Spread jelly on bread.
Get jam on knife. Input num. Otherwise Spread PB on bread.
Get another piece of bread. It is date Put bread pieces together.
Get bread from pantry. Open bread. Put it on plate.
Get jam from pantry. Open cabinet. Put jam back.

[2022 November 22]