Java Retrospect

Except for OOPS (Object-Oriented Programming, coming up next), you have now been through basically our whole introduction to Java, and you have worked through a few Java programs and got them running. Some of the material is new this year, and some of our ideas don't seem to be in use anywhere else. So we need your help in evaluating what we -- you and I -- did. We want to make it better.

This is not a test, and you don't need to answer any questions you don't want to. Only if you want to help us make it better for the student(s) next term.

1. How do you feel now about working in Java?



2. Did you find working in English before moving to Java helpful?



3. Did you find our emphasis on Design helpful for understanding what you are trying to program?



4. What did you enjoy most so far?

You can quote me


5. What could we have done better?


6. (Optional) Name: 

Thank you for your help in making this course better. Click "Done" below to advance to OOPS.


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